The Problem

When looking at today’s football players, regardless of age, weight or type of football program, consistent and powerful hand placement/striking techniques are key to maximizing the athlete’s potential. However, there is no specific athletic training equipment that is not only specialized, but cost effective, to allow athletes to hone their hand placement/striking techniques.

Pop Warner football can attract individuals as young as five. With different skill sets and physical traits, the commonality of football, even at such a young age, is that everyone must use their hands. Coaches have players run drills and learn various blocking and hand placement/striking strategies however, training equipment for these young athletes is extremely limited and often cost prohibitive. Many coaches and parents will resort to creative means to provide their athletes and kids with training equipment for even the simplest of drills.

Even for these young athletes, there is no equipment designed specifically to be used to build proper hand placement/striking techniques, which is critical to more advanced play in high school and even college.

The Solution

The Difference is a portable hand placement/striking machine for all ages. Developed as a tool for upper body strength and fast and explosive hand placement/striking in the weight room of The Ohio State University football program, the machine is fully portable, so it can be carried and set up by one person.

Designed with flexibility in mind, The Difference is able to adapt to most round or square device with a diameter of less than 5 inches (standard football goal post). Here’s why The Difference is vastly superior to anything on the market:

  • It is safe and simple
  • It is lightweight yet durable
  • It is versatile, transportable and adjustable
  • It has four different spring tensions
  • It can be used indoor or outdoor
  • It is perfect for players from Pop Warner to the Pros
  • Its one size fits all
  • It comes with a training guide produced by NFL professionals (April 2016)
  • It has a digital striking velocity readout (June 2016)
  • It also makes a great tailgate or man-cave addition
  • It is a patent pending product design
  • It is affordable


See The Difference In Your Game

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