The Company

The Difference USA, LLC is dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art portable and cost effective athletic training machine that allows athletes of all ages to make measured improvements to their respective game. Today, The Difference USA has advanced from a concept stage to a development stage company. The company has developed a new, patent pending, training machine.

The company’s first product “The Difference” is a portable hand placement/striking machine that allows users to focus and develop effective hand placement/striking techniques required for football, wrestling, lacrosse, and various martial arts sporting participants. There is not limit to the potential strength and conditioning functions of this training machine.  Developed by Anthony Schlegel, a former professional football player and nationally renowned strength coach (most recently with The Ohio State University), The Difference was developed in the weight room of The Ohio State University Football program to develop upper body strength, explosiveness and a high work capacity while enhancing an athlete’s hand placement/striking techniques for all positions of the National Champion Buckeyes.