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The Difference | The Ultimate Striking Machine The Difference – The Ultimate Striking Machine

Just some of the teams using The Difference


“The Difference” was developed in the weight room of The Ohio State University Football program to develop upper body strength, explosiveness and a high work capacity while enhancing an athlete’s hand placement/striking techniques for all positions of the National Champion Buckeyes.



The Problem

There is no training equipment designed specifically to build upper body strength, explosiveness and metabolic conditioning while promoting proper hand placement/striking techniques


The Solution

The Difference is a safe, simple and portable upper body training machine for all ages and all sports

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Sounds of the Game

  • Corey Linsley

    “During the season and off season, THE DIFFERENCE allows you to strike and hit with your hands without hitting another person.”

  • James Laurinaitis

    “THE DIFFERENCE is the only training machine that allows me to work on fast and explosive hand striking.”

  • Jim Tressel

    “Flexible, portable, always ready to go to work.  Brilliant idea!!”

  • Ed P.

    “THE DIFFERENCE is a great product and it is being used daily by my son and some of his teammates. It is teaching them inside hand placement and explosion. This should be very helpful for them on both offense and defense.”

  • Ross Bowsher

    “Been a great investment!! We can’t keep our guys off our differences. They love them. It even brings in guys who aren’t weight room guys in to get extra work just because they are there and available.”

  • Joey Bosa

    “It really is THE DIFFERENCE between winning and losing by being able to get your hands inside and defeat blockers. It works for all positions and skill levels.”

  • Ezekiel Elliot

    “It’s important for me to have proper hand placement in blocking because of my physical style of play and THE DIFFERENCE was the key element in developing my technique.”

  • Greg Hadley

    “Not only has The Difference given us a tool to rep hand striking and proper muscle memory, but it has significantly decreased our upper body injuries. Being able to steal technique reps in the weight room has also given our players the ability to protect their heads and necks on the football field. The athletes love them. So do the coaches.”

  • Jack Batten

    “Love the different settings with the different springs for the variations we have within the athletes in our program.”

  • Joel Cutler

    “Absolutely love it. Use it year round!”

  • Craig Fitzgerald

    “The Difference has made our teams strength training sessions more practical, focused and transferable.”

  • John Simon

    “Great for punch accuracy and explosion, has transferred my work in the weight room onto the field”

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Meet the Team

Anthony Schlegel, Founder

Image of Bobby Carpenter

Bobby Carpenter, Founder

Image of Daniel Oglevee

Daniel Oglevee, Founder