“The Difference” was developed in the weight room of The Ohio State University Football program to develop upper body strength, explosiveness and a high work capacity while enhancing an athlete’s hand placement/striking techniques for all positions of the National Champion Buckeyes.



The Problem

There is no training equipment designed specifically to build upper body strength, explosiveness and metabolic conditioning while promoting proper hand placement/striking techniques


The Solution

The Difference is a safe, simple and portable upper body training machine for all ages and all sports

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Sounds of the Game

Corey Linsley

“Coach Anthony Schlegel was one of my most beloved coaches at Ohio State. His passion and knowledge for athletic development is unmatched, and he truly knows the best way to develop athletes. The Difference will help develop your strike and strength necessary for nearly every position on the field. There is no doubt that I will train with it this off season and will become a better player by doing so, as will anyone who uses it.”

James Laurinaitis

“The Difference is the only training machine that allows me to work on fast and explosive hand striking.”

Jim Tressel

“Flexible, portable, always ready to go to work.  Brilliant idea!!”

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Anthony Schlegel, Founder

Image of Bobby Carpenter

Bobby Carpenter, Founder

Image of Daniel Oglevee

Daniel Oglevee, Founder